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Transform Operations

Reduce costs and drive efficiencies with Shopfloor-Online MES


Why invest in MES Software

Today's manufacturing environment is a relentless drive for cost reduction and efficiency gains.

As the drive to do more with less is growing, manufacturing executives realise that their focus need to be on improving plant performance. This can be achieved through investing in new plant and equipment, and information systems (IT).

Corporate wide software solutions such as ERP have proven essential in integrating the supply chain, but plant operations remain largely disconnected and opaque. This is where manufacturing execution systems come in.

Specifically targeted at Plant Operations, Lighthouse Systems MES solutions are used in hundreds of factories around the world by some of the biggest manufacturing companies.


Targeted to Plant Operations, Shopfloor-Online MES will help improve:

  • Productivity – the MES will help maximise production lines throughput (reduce downtime and improve work orders scheduling) and efficiently support greatest supply chain integration.
  • Costs – The MES provides visibility in all resources used (material, energy, labour), highlighting where improvements and savings can be made.
  • Workforce engagement – Shopfloor-Online supports the autonomy of operatives on the lines, positively impacting motivation and decision making.

Manufacturing organisations are under a lot of pressures: made-to-order manufacturing and highly integrated supply chains, fastest time-to-market. Their manufacturing operations are required to be more agile than ever before.

  • Real-time visibility – With real-time visibility, the organisation can react faster to adverse events. Shopfloor-Online enables the agility of the manufacturing organisation by providing real-time visibility in all plant operations, production, quality, inventory and maintenance, to operatives and managers alike.

Shopfloor-Online MES provides executives with the essential insight that will support their decision making, i.e. prioritise investments, decide where to make a new product etc..

  • Reporting – dashboards show in real-time the performance of shifts, production lines and plants.
  • Benchmarking - Global Reporting dashboards compare a choice of KPIs across multiple plants.

See the use of Global Reporting at United Biscuits.

With its integrated Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS), Shopfloor-Online MES supports manufacturing organisations striving to achieve highest consistent Quality:

  • Fewer product returns
  • Fewer delivery delays
  • Greater responsiveness to customer queries
  • End-to-End traceability
  • Compliance