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Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing


What is Smart Manufacturing?

Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International defines Smart Manufacturing as “fully-integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems that respond in real time to meet changing demands and conditions in the factory, in the supply network, and in customer needs.”

Smart Manufacturing starts with your Manufacturing Operations Management

Smart Manufacturing creates a single thread of critical data, accessible throughout your manufacturing operations and across the enterprise.

  • Enforce your business processes
  • Contextualise information
  • Empower your workforce, from operators and shift supervisors to engineers and managers
  • Support decision-making and continuous improvement plans

Legacy architectures and data structures are not agile or granular enough to be adapted to the needs of the digital thread.

How does Shopfloor-Online enable Smart Manufacturing?

Shopfloor-Online provides an agile architecture that adapts to the needs of the digital thread, bringing all operations into one system: production, quality, warehouse & logistics, maintenance operations.

Built-in functionality will build robust and efficient interfaces to your plant equipment, ERP systems and any other manufacturing applications.  

Connected factory
Where production machines might lack connectivity, Lighthouse Systems will add affordable PLCs to automate data collection into the MES / MOM platform.

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Business process
With Shopfloor-Online, each step of the process can be enforced and exceptions managed. Master data, changeovers, product variations, new production lines, traceability requirements etc. can be managed in the manufacturing system. This allows more complex products to be produced faster and at the right level of quality whilst minimising waste, rework, downtime and health & safety issues. 

Real-time visibility
MES software that shows the current factory status, updated live from all data sources. Report dashboards provide instantaneous alerts to problems and exceptions, for real Smart Manufacturing Intelligence. 




In-built Data-historian
The platform records all process data and alarms with other MES data providing accurate information to establish benchmark, investigate issues, correlate across the various departments and improve the process.

Data analytics
The powerful native reporting engine of Shopfloor-Online offers standard reports that can be presented in tabular form or charts, in Excel, Word or PDF format, and can be easily emailed or downloaded.


The MES/MOM system can be run simultaneously on any desktops, tablets and mobile devices such as bar code scanners used by operatives or fork-lift truck drivers, and smart phones, whereas IOs or Android.

Security and Audit
Secure access to the MES system is controlled through authorised logins and user rights. Transaction logs provide a full audit trail of any data changes.



Web based
Shopfloor-OnlineTM can be hosted on your servers or in the cloud and accessed via any web browser.  

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MES Modules
Extend the platform as your requirements increase, via 26 modules offering functionality across all manufacturing operations: production, quality, warehouse & logistics, maintenance operations.

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