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Shopfloor-Online MES: Go Cloud

Cloud – On Premise – Corporate Datacentre


Flexible Deployment Options to support digitisation of manufacturing operations.

The architecture of Shopfloor-Online MES supports the complete digitisation of shop floor operations with nothing to install on the users’ devices.

Organisations can deploy the MES software in the cloud, on premise, or in the corporate datacentre to meet business needs and business IT strategy. 

Easy deployment combined with the modularity of the application enables the smooth roll-out of global operational standards. 

  MES Deployment: on-premise (icon)

On-premise MES

MES Deployment: datacentre (icon)

Corporate Datacentre MES

MES Deployment: cloud (icon)

Cloud MES

Standardise manufacturing processes Limited to a single plant Multiple sites and regions Multiple sites and regions
Standardise Operations IT
Reduce the number of applications on the shop floor
Limited to a single plant

Multiple sites and regions

Allows for local specificities

Multiple sites and regions

Allows for local specificities

Deployment of new functionalities Limited Rapid Rapid
Infrastructure One server per site One set of server infrastructure No upfront capital investment
Security Limited High High
Scalability Limited Moderate On-demand
Business continuity Limited High Highest


Shopfloor-Online MES is designed for the smart factory.

The architecture of Shopfloor-Online MES comprises 4 components:

  • The Shopfloor-Online web application, hosted under Microsoft IIS
  • The Shopfloor-Online database, hosted on either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle
  • The Universal Data Interface (UDI) – an environment for hosting plug-in interface scripts to ERP, other factory applications and complex measurement systems
  • The OPC Client – a built in OPC Client to collect shop floor data directly from PLCs controlling machines and plant equipment.

Shopfloor-Online MES Architecture diagram