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Industry placement scheme

Industry Placement Scheme



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The Role

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Award winning industry placement scheme voted

9th top medium sized company by Rate my Placement 


Every year we invest heavily in our industry placement scheme and are seeking those students who would like to get a head start on their graduate career.

Develop your business knowledge and combine it with your passion for technology to help us build the best MES (Manufacturing Execution System) on the market.  MES is software at the heart of Industry 4.0 and the Smart Manufacturing movement, putting technology on the shopfloor of the world's most forward thinking industries.

Simply put, our application Shopfloor-Online helps manufacturing organisations achieve superior performance through digital transformation of their production operations.  We use the latest technology (.Net, C#, JavaScript and SQL server), we constantly strive to keep our product innovative so that it is configurable, visual, mobile friendly and that can handle and analyse a lot of data!

Our talented team are involved in the development of the product and its deployment to a global manufacturing base.

Our Placement Programme

We believe in giving our placement students a broad exposure to technology and business, and view the placement programme as the training ground to develop future fully rounded recruits.  Our rotation scheme is designed to give you the widest experience we can in a friendly, inclusive and supportive environment.

We aim to stretch and challenge you during your time with us, rotating you around the product development, solution delivery and customer support departments enabling you to:

  • be immersed in the full tech stack – from TypeScript, through C# to SQL, for both front and back end
  • develop an understanding of the full product development lifecycle
  • gain experience on the front line with customer projects, deploying solutions in the real world
  • hone your soft skills as well as technical as you work with different teams

You will have access directly to anyone in the business to build and deliver solutions, enabling strong knowledge share so that you know how the product is being used day to day.

For those placement students who return to us after graduation this year of experience contributes to year 1 of our 2 year graduate training programme.

Training programme

We provide a detailed 9-week induction and training programme to give you the best start to your placement. Training is delivered by people within the business who have also been through this training experience so are very familiar with what you will be learning.

Here is an outline of our 9 week training programme to learn all about Lighthouse and Shopfloor-Online™

Week 1 – Welcome to Lighthouse and Core Model

Week 2 – SQL, Grids and Forms

Week 3 – Office week & Dashboards and applications

Week 4 – Stored Procedures and Tasks

Week 5 – Office Week

Week 6 – Introduction C#

Week 7 – Introduction to ERP and Quality

Week 8 – Office week

Week 9 -  Support and Problem Solving

Training and support will continue as you join the Lighthouse Team working with our experienced people and your Lighthouse Mentor.


You should apply if you

  • Are a second year student in Computer Science
  • Have the motivation and enthusiasm to develop your skills and learn new things
  • Have a passion for problem solving and building great solutions
  • Have the ability to work in a team and communicate clearly
  • Can demonstrate you have excellent attention to detail



What will you be doing?

Working on real client projects

There are many large-scale projects in progress at any one time across a variety of different manufacturing industries. As a software engineer at Lighthouse, you will work across many disciplines, writing reliable, maintainable code to tailor product for customer needs and deliver outstanding solutions. You will have access directly to anyone in the business to build and deliver solutions, enabling strong knowledge share so that you know how the product is being used day to day.

A Global customer base

Our customers are all over the world, and whilst part of a project deployment team, you may get to visit a customer site to help understand requirements and to see first-hand how the software is going to be used or you may form part of a site delivery team. This level of access gives you a unique insight into how the product needs to be shaped going forward, as well as providing the detailed understanding enabling you to extend the product for the customer’s needs. 

You will get to work with a variety of technologies

During project team deployments, you will be building extensions to the product that tailor the application for specific project requirements. 
When deployed to the development team you may be extending the code base or fixing bugs in the ever evolving product core. 

Much of the power in our solutions comes in the ability to connect with external systems. The variety in these systems is vast meaning you could be writing an interface in C# one day or building a web service the next. 

Working across the ENTIRE STACK

As part of our placement rotation scheme, you will have the opportunity to experience all areas of product development, solution delivery and customer support, and will gain experience with a wide variety of technologies and platforms, including database, server side scripting and front-end development.  In addition, you will have an opportunity to be part of an agile team involved in daily stand-ups and planning throughout so will get to appreciate what is involved in working together to build and deliver robust real-world systems used in business critical situations.

Recruitment Process

  • Complete our online questionnaire not forgetting to attach you CV
  • Video Introduction so we can get to know you a little better
  • Two virtual interviews - One with our technical guru, testing out your skills and the second with our Technical Director, looking through your experience.  



Benefits & Location


  • Salary of £18,000 per annum
  • Relocation support


  • 20 days leave per annum plus bank holidays


  • Automatic enrolment after 3 months for all eligible UK employees
  • Company contribution is 4% of gross salary and employee contribution will be 4% of gross salary

Company Insurance

  • Group life insurance

Additional benefits

  • Casual dress code
  • Regular check-ins to help shape your future path
  • Free parking at the office 
  • Free lunches, drinks and snacks at the office
  • Free confidential employee assistance programme
  • Regular social events


You will be based at our Head Office in Crawley situated between Brighton and London; giving you access to a relaxed cultural city on the coast, and the ever exciting UK Capital, for shopping and nightlife.

Due to the location of our Head Office, access to your own transport is essential.