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Can making company Al Jomaih chooses Shopfloor-Online MES

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The Lighthouse Solution - Shopfloor-Online

Shopfloor-Online is a comprehensive, web-based MES Software solution that provides a complete and real-time view of all aspects of Manufacturing Operations Management.

A major component of Shopfloor-Online is in the area of Quality and Statistical Process Control. The new system will replace the current quality log book and manual computer based systems. Operators are presented with real-time control charts at the workstations on the floor. Shopfloor-Online will perform all of the necessary calculations which will allow the Operator to focus on making product rather than manually charting data. With the data being immediately available, Supervisors and Management will be able to respond to customer requests faster.

The goals of the Al Jomaih project are:

Electronic Quality Control Plan - Variables, Attributes and Specs are will be held into Shopfloor-Online. Shopfloor-Online will also manage the check frequencies and interface to gages for automatic data entry.

Alarms Management - Shopfloor-Online will alarm when spec violations occur. Alarms will be closed with a cause, action and comment.

Certificates of Analysis - Once data is capture from the floor and the lab, Shopfloor-Online will provide Al Jomaih the ability to generate various types of reports such as certificates of analysis.

About Al Jomaih can making plants

Al Jomaih Cans and Ends Making Plant (CMP) is one of the largest producers of beverage packaging in the Middle East. Established in 1982 in Riyadh to serve the local beverage industry, our PepsiCo-approved operations today supply this industry across the Gulf region. With an annual production capacity of 1.2 billion cans and 1.8 billion ends, their facilities manufacture steel and aluminium packaging material for some of the world favourite brands.

As a globally recognised beverage can maker, they focus on producing the highest quality of packaging, all the while ensuring the sustainability of their business, people, and the environment. Innovation-driven and results-oriented, Al Jomaih Can Making Plants employs more than 300 people sharing the same dedication for operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Their vision is to become a major player in the beverage container and packaging industry in the region.