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Assises du Club MES 2018

18th October 2018, Paris, France


Lighthouse Systems is returning to les Assises du MES*, the annual conference held by the French Association of vendors and system integrators in the field of manufacturing operations management.

Lighthouse Systems will present a speaking slot in conjunction with Michel Devos, from MES Consult Belgium: “How does IIOT support MES in developing a more proactive management of manufacturing operations?” 

MES has historically been useful for analysing past events and learning lessons in hindsight. With IIOT and data now available in real-time, MES should be used to analyse events as they happen and provide foresight before they happen. Join us at the conference to learn more.

Where: Les Salons de l’Aveyron – Paris Bercy Village

When: 18 October 2018


For more information, visit les Assises du MES.

*MESA International are a partner of les Assises du MES.